Fruity Loops for Mac

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Fruity Loops is a music production software which allows you to create multi track songs from scratch and edit them as you wish. With FruityLoops you can compose, edit or record any type of music you want, and export it to SoundCloud or Dropbox. FL has more than 100 music instruments, such as drums, electric guitars, piano and virtually anything you ever need to customize your own track. You Add sound effects such as Reverb, Amplication or Wah-Wah effect and even create crazy guitar solos or beautiful piano melodies. Are you a DJ at heart? Aspiring musician? Meet your new favorite App, Fruit Loops for Mac!

Fruity Loops for Mac

Downloading FL Studios on Mac

Fruity Loops for Mac is dedicated for FL¬†enthusiasts who want to use Fruity Loops on their Mac. Fruity Loops has a PC desktop version as well as an Android and iPhone Mobile versions. You can use a software called Crossover to install every windows program on mac. Another option, is running Bluestacks which is an Android Emulator on your Mac to run the Fruity Loops Mobile App on your Macintosh. Let’s get right to it:

Install Fruity Loops on your Mac

Download DreamWeaver’s Crossover and install the software. When the installation finishes, open Crossover and go to the “configure” tab and choose manage bottles. Make a new bottle by clicking the plus sign and name it FL Studio. Next, go on the official Fruity Loops website and download the application to your Mac and immediately install it afterwards. Next, open your finder and search for “FL Studio” and double click to run the application. This should open up Crossover and you will be able to use Fruity Loops on your Mac. Note that you might need to assign FL studio as a bottle in your Crossover if it doesn’t do so automatically.

Installing Fruity Loops for Mac

You can use this YouTube guide to help you install FL by using Crossover Mac. If that doesn’t work, try installing FL via BlueStacks or VMWare Fusion.